At Letsap we pride ourselves in constantly improving and evolving to suit our customers’ needs. We provide innovative solutions that simplify business processes so that you can focus on what you do best – selling and marketing your business. Our software offers an accessible and flexible business solution to better manage your operations. One of our most innovative and convenient software packages is LetsOrder Mobile and here are 10 reasons why:

  1. Sage Integration – now also offered for Sage 200 Evolution

LetsOrder Mobile has provided useful facilities that are not available in the core Sage 50 Cloud Partner and Sage 50 Cloud Xpress product for the past 3 years. At Letsap, developing robust business solutions for our clients is a top priority, so we’ve taken your feedback and integrated our mobile app with Sage 200 Evolution too. Simply download the app today to seamlessly integrate with Sage 50 Cloud Partner, Sage 200 Evolution and Sage 50 Cloud Xpress technology your business is using so you can stay up-to-date on client information, sales history and manage your sales team activity.

  1. A simple dashboard

To streamline your operation, you require a tool that allows you to do a variety of tasks and keep track of the day-to-day business affairs on a centralised platform. Like all mobile apps, LetsOrder Mobile features are easily accessible from one dashboard screen. It is an all-in-one solution that helps you stay organised and means no going back-and-forth with multiple systems.

  1. On-the-go access

It allows sales reps to issue invoices, orders and quotations on the road. Anywhere, anytime, real-time access means you can sign off an entire deal before leaving the client’s office. This saves you time so that you can focus your energy on the larger strategic goals of your business. The check-in and check-out feature also allows sales reps to log sales activity.

  1. Client history

LetsOrder Mobile allows sales reps to see a complete sales history of clients. This provides greater insights into what products they like or dislike, so you increase the rapport and relationship you have with your clients. The complete sales history allows you to anticipate your clients needs and act accordingly.

  1. Mobile functionality

LetsOrder is a mobile app that aligns with the digital environment businesses now operate in. It runs on Apple and Android devices. Simply download the app from the iPhone App Store for Apple (iOS) devices or Google Play Store for Android devices.

  1. Contact and Location

Sales reps have access to complete client contact and location information. This means that there is no chance of going to the wrong location or misplacing the important contact details of your clients.

  1. Billing timer

The billing timer that runs in the background means that you can instantaneously invoice your client for your time. The timer can automatically add consultation time spent with client to invoices, in real-time. No time is unaccounted for or spent logging your hours manually.

  1. Barcode scanning

You can save time by using the device’s camera as a scanner and directly scan the products required by the customer into the document, instead of searching for it. This also ensures accurate processing, ensuring that you have selected the correct item. Further, if product images have been saved in Sage Pastel then LetsOrder Mobile will display them.

  1. Collaboration

With the built-in GPS feature, worrying about being in different locations no longer becomes an issue for productivity and collaboration with LetsOrder Mobile. The GPS logging allows sales managers to track the locations of sales reps’ activities. This way, they can all work better together to ensure work is getting done accordingly and utilise time that is allocated to work effectively, regardless of where sales reps are situated.

  1. Real-time capability

All transactions are processed in real-time. You have up-to-date information and documentation at your fingertips while you are on the way to clients or already at their office. The real-time capability means you can efficiently take orders, create quotes, store customers, review daily sales operations, and much more anywhere, anytime. The data entered on the app is automatically updated so you, and the other users on your team, have access to real-time data. Through a simple and automated email response you can share information with clients too, wherever is convenient for you.

It is time to start using an effective automated system for your sales orders. LetsOrder Mobile is the perfect companion for sales reps on the road. Start enjoying anywhere, anytime, real-time sales invoice, orders and quotation generation with LetsOrder Mobile.

Would you like a little more?

At Letsap we also strive to constantly improve our products and add functionality which is of benefit to our clients. Here are our latest features:

  1. Select delivery address per document

You can now have access to selecting multiple delivery addresses per document. This can be done by simply selecting the correct delivery address on your document for customers with multiple delivery locations.

  1. Select multi store and sales rep per document line

The LetsOrder Mobile app helps make life easier. The select multi-store and sales rep per document line feature means that there is no need to process multiple documents for each store or sales rep. This feature saves you real time, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

  1. Add new Customers on the fly

Sales reps are now able to add new customers to your customer database on the fly. This means that they can capture required customer information for new customers much faster in order to process their orders immediately.