Being a sales rep can be an incredibly difficult path to follow. Often people say that it is a skill that cannot be learnt, rather it has to be in your DNA. However, the greatest in any field are not born, they are made. Whether you believe this or not, there are definitely ways you can hone your craft and become an even more effective sales rep. Here are a couple tips and tricks to get your sales closed and keep you moving.

Start with your goals.

Being goal-orientated is a very good place to start. What truly sets a great sales rep apart from a good one is the persistence and continuous effort put into achieving these goals. You want to create both short-term and long-term goals to keep you focussed and motivated.

Sales really is a long game, so keep this in mind when setting your sales and personal goals. Setting targets also helps you to keep track of your progress and see the areas in which you need to improve.  Make these tangible, measurable and achievable (there is no point in setting audacious goals that can’t be met).

Think about how many customers you need and in what time frame. How many leads does it take to close? How many connections do you need to make to get to that point?

Know your product. Know your customer

Once your goals are set up you need to get a really good understanding of both the product you are selling and the customer you are selling it to. These go hand-in-hand. The ability to sell is half the battle but the often under-appreciated other half is understanding what you are selling.

In this digital era, consumers have access to more information than ever before. This means that your sales process needs to be more in-depth than just charm and flattery. In order to close a sale, you need to be clued-up on your product so as to generate trust and value to your consumers lives.

It is also always easier to sell and understand a product that you are passionate about. If you are not feeling invigorated by a product, perhaps look for reviews and testimonials about how the product has benefitted others, in order to spark your passion and get you motivated.

Sales is, at its core, about developing sustainable long-term relationships. Your customers have infinite potential, or at least they should. Just because a customer can buy your product, does not mean that they should. It is a far wiser and sustainable move to develop relationships with customers that can grow and expand for the long haul. As a sales rep, relationships are the capital in which you deal. Making genuine, human connections are the basis of this capital.

Knowing the needs of your customers is critical in developing a relationship that lasts. You may be approaching your sales with an ability to eloquently persuade your leads with words, but the essence of selling is truly about listening. What are your customer’s pain points and what are the possible solutions for them, how does your product give them benefit? You need to be active and entirely present when speaking and listening to your prospective customers. This can be tricky at times, as you may think you know what your customer really needs but at the end of the day, completely engaging in a genuine way is the key to successful relationships. You also need to keep in mind that no two customers or businesses are the same, and as such your approach to the sale needs to be customised.

Ask for referrals

The word “referral” can be uncomfortable to some, but it is an important and underutilised tool in sales. If the word makes you cringe, think of it as more of an “introduction”.

According to a survey from Marc Wayshak, sales strategist and bestselling author of “Game Plan Selling” (Breakthrough Success Publishing, 2012) and “Breaking All Barriers” (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012), 57.9 percent of respondents said they ask for less than one referral per month, while 40.4 percent report rarely asking for a referral. Only 18.6 percent ask every person they speak to if they might have a referral.

He believes that this is upsetting, and many sales reps are losing out on business. An introduction is basically free business that you never had before. What is the worst that could happen from asking for a referral? Nothing worse than not asking for one. According to Wayshak, as a sales rep you should be asking for one every single day from the people you are working with. This doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable process, if you approach it in an authentic way. If you believe your product has the ability to change peoples lives and benefit them in any way, then why would you not want to share it with as many people as possible.

Embrace technology

As consumers interact in the digital world, there are new digital expectations placed upon sales reps. Consumers have access to more knowledge than ever before and also have a desire to be able to connect. According to a recent survey 60% of sales reps are increasing the time they spend with customers and potential customers in a virtual way.

If your consumers are digitally savvy, it is important that you are too to build a trusted and valued relationship. Keeping ahead of the technological trends shows that you are forward-thinking and innovative, qualities that your potential customers are looking for in the digital age.

Embracing technology also enables you to be more organised and store information in one centralised location. A mobile app, like LetsOrder Mobile, allows you to issue sales invoices, orders and quotations in real-time, on the go. This all-in-one tool means less paperwork and more consistency with your information. You can capture remarks on your dashboard and store any information you might find relevant or important. So, when you’re on the way to meet a customer you can refresh yourself on the client on your phone on the car ride there.

This also increases the relationships you have with your customers because you will present an efficient, unified and professional image. By storing important data and documents you will be better at understanding your customers needs and in turn anticipating them.

If you follow these tips and tricks, you are sure to be an effective sales rep in no time at all. To further optimise your sales process, get in touch today and start enjoying anywhere, anytime, real-time sales invoice, orders and quotation generation with LetsOrder Mobile and increase the effectiveness of your sales process today.