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Letsap is a software package, utility design and development house, working exclusively in the Sage 50 Cloud Partner and Sage 50 Cloud Xpress environment. Letsap produces packaged software that attaches to or works with Sage Pastel, to address niche market areas that are not catered for by Sage Pastel itself, or to provide useful facilities that are not in the core product.

Letsap is a Sage Pastel Authorised 3rd Party Developer & a licensed user of the Sage Pastel Software Development Kit.

Software packages are sold directly to end users as well as via suitably resourced Sage Pastel Value Added Resellers.



The company was formed in 2002 by Gideon Muller. Gideon had spent many years in a development role at Sage Pastel, starting as an integral part of the core development team, and culminating as the Director of the Development team for 3 years. Acknowledging that no major developer of shrink-wrapped software can possibly cater for everyone’s needs in all circumstances, Gideon recognised the opportunity to use his very deep knowledge of the Sage Pastel range to develop specialist systems related to Sage Pastel products. Initially the company did a substantial amount of once-off customised software, but a demand rapidly increased for more standard products.

It also became clear that the market had started to realise that continual development of once-off systems was both expensive to produce and difficult to maintain. Reacting to that market demand Letsap focused on producing packaged add-on software that could be used by many to reduce the cost and that was much easier to maintain. This trend has progressed to where Letsap no longer concentrates on creating individual customised software, and rather focuses on developing innovative products for both niche markets and across-the-board use by Sage Pastel users.

Liason with Pastel
Letsap work closely with Sage Pastel in the interests of the users of Sage Pastel software. Briefing sessions to update Sage Pastel personnel and dealers occur regularly and Letsap routinely participates in road-shows organised by Sage Pastel resellers.

Company Commitment
The company is committed to do whatever it takes to ensure satisfied customers. That goal starts with analysing the customer’s business needs and then designing a solution that integrates efficiently and effectively into whatever Sage Pastel technology may exist within the customer’s business.

Developing a robust solution that is intuitive and easy to operate is a key focus of the development team. Coupled with this is on-site training and an efficient support process that ensures business operations run optimally and profitably.

The demand for quality, both of the software and of the calibre of response to customer queries is a major commitment from Letsap that helps guarantee that customers can focus on what they do best – sell and market their business.

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