The digital revolution has brought innovation and convenience. Our smartphones, and the apps on them, have changed our lives. From the tip of our fingers we are able to check the news, social updates, weather, order anything, and so much more.

It is only natural to incorporate this sort of technology for your business. According to a recent survey 60% of sales reps are increasing the time they spend with customers and potential customers in a virtual way. Consumers are becoming digital natives and so incorporating a mobile app, like LetsOrder Mobile, into your sales strategy will bolster your professional image and help you build a valuable relationship with your customers

A mobile app should enhance your internal communications, lead to higher employee engagement, create a better workplace experience and drive sales. A mobile app, like LetsOrder Mobile, allows you to issue sales invoices, orders and quotations in real-time, on the go. However, if the app is not launched properly and lacks support from within your business operations then you will not gain any of the intended value.

Your sales force needs to buy into the technology and it needs to be easy to use and integrate into the sales process. While it may seem like a daunting task, rolling out a mobile sales app across your business can be simplified if you follow these simple steps.

1.   Test with a small group first.

As with any other programme, running a pilot programme initially can help your business understand the overall direction that the new app will take. It will also help with assessing the user experience of the app. This is an incredibly important consideration because if your sales reps do not like using the app, they will not utilise it to its full potential.

A ‘test run’ also allows you to understand the level of interaction and required involvement across your marketing, sales and IT departments. The pilot will identify any possible pain points and get them resolved before getting the rest of the users on board. This is a good time to take notes that can help training when the app is launched to all staff.

2.   Coordinate all of the necessary materials.

A mobile app allows you to streamline your sales operations by giving you real-time data and information sharing. However, it is still important that effective communication happens between all team members.

You need to determine the overall purpose of the app you are using. For example, the LetOrder Mobile app has a range of functionality from issuing invoices, orders and quotations, to viewing product images and warehouse quantities.

Once the purpose has been determined, ensure all necessary materials are available through the app for your sales reps to access on the go. LetsOrder Mobile integrates seamlessly with Sage Partner and Sage Xpress so whatever is saved onto that platform will be displayed via the LetsOrder Mobile app.

It is worth having a small team in charge of this in order to have effective communication between sales reps and managers. The team will also be able to help train sales reps on using the app and how to integrate it into the sales process.

3.   Train your sales reps

Training is key to the implementation and adoption of any new programme. Doing a walk-through of how to use the app and how the content is organised is all the training most sales people need. Sales reps are generally go-getters and want to optimise and streamline their sales process. Having a practice session with your sales reps allows them to bring up any concerns they may have, as well as ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

The LetsOrder Mobile app is simple and easy to use. With its seamless integration to Sage Pastel Partner and optimised dashboard design that allows users to access all features from one place, this will probably be the simplest training session your sales reps have ever attended.

4.   Implementation

After a comprehensive training session and you are prepared to roll out your new mobile sales app, you can begin to put your plan in motion. All your sales reps really need is a mobile device or tablet to begin using the app. Users can download the LetsOrder Mobile app directly from Apple App Store or Google Play.

At Letsap, we are committed to providing software that is intuitive and easy to operate. Our design and functionality allow sales reps to focus on what they do best – sell and market their business. Get in touch today to find out how Letsap can streamline your sales process.