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It integrates seamlessly with Sage 50 Cloud Partner, Sage 200 Evolution and Sage 50 Cloud Xpress platforms

All the features are easily accessible from one dashboard screen

It allows sales reps to issue Invoices, Orders and Quotations on the road

Sales reps can see complete sales history of clients

LetsOrder Mobile runs on IOS and Android devices

Sales reps have access to complete client contact and location information

A timer option can automatically add consultation time spent with client to invoices

The Check In and Check Out feature allows sales reps to log sales activity

GPS login allows sales managers to track locations of sales reps activities

All transactions are processed in realtime



Live quantities at each store
Since Sage 50 Cloud Partner caters for multi warehousing, you can view actual quantities available at other warehouses and branches. It is useful if you don’t have the stock available at your warehouse.

Process to any store
Set up the user that logs in to LetsOrder Mobile to process in their specific warehouse.

Allows Multiple Companies
If your business operates from different sets of accounts, depending on the service your customer requires, then LetsOrder can connect you to all of these.

Barcode scanning
The consultant can save time by using the device’s camera as a scanner and directly scan the products required by the customer into the document, instead of searching for it. This also ensures accurate processing, ensuring that you have selected the correct item.

View product images
Show your client what the product looks like. If the image has been saved on the product in Sage Pastel then LetsOrder Mobile will display it.

Capture remarks on the document
Narration and comments can be added as additional information.


Print Document

View or email a specific document from this list.


An integration with LetsConnect now allows mapping users to sales codes.

Filter your customers by sales codes.

Billing Timer

We’ve added a billing timer with background mode. This means you can log time spent at a client and invoice immediately after.

Document History

View document history by selected salesman for selected date range.

Draw it up

Add a custom image on which you can draw.

For example, at a windscreen repair shop, it can show the image of a windscreen and mark where defects are.

Keep in contact

You can now add a cc email address to emails.


How does LetsOrder Mobile work?
Do I need a smartphone to use LetsOrder Mobile?
Is LetsOrder Mobile available on my device?
Do I have to pay for LetsOrder Mobile?
How much data and battery life does the App use?
How do I integrate my current Sage 50 Cloud Partner company?
How does LetsOrder Mobile work?

Download our App from the iPhone App Store for Apple (iOS) devices or Google Play Store for Android devices. You can do this from your mobile device or from a computer. Once downloaded, open the App and get instant access to our demo company. To do this, swipe right on the home screen and select ‘Login’ from the slide menu. Click on the ‘View Demo’ link and you will be automatically logged in to the demo company. From there, you can select a customer and view the Customer Dashboard, which is an easy-to-use central point of access for processing invoices, quotes, orders, and so much more.

Do I need a smartphone to use LetsOrder Mobile?

Yes, you will need a smartphone to use LetsOrder Mobile as we make use of technologies that only exist on smartphones.

Is LetsOrder Mobile available on my device?

LetsOrder Mobile is supported on most Android and Apple mobile devices. We currently do not provide support for Windows and Blackberry devices.

Do I have to pay for LetsOrder Mobile?

Using the demo company on LetsOrder Mobile is free of charge, however, if you wish to integrate your current company with the app, a license is required. For more information, contact us at

LetsOrder Mobile allows for one device per license. LetsOrder Mobile can be transferred from one device to another. If you change your device, however, it can only be installed on one of the devices at a time and there is an uninstall limit (3 times).

How much data and battery life does the App use?

LetsOrder Mobile has been designed to be an extremely lightweight App by using minimal data. The App uses geolocation services, however, these have been optimised to reduce battery consumption.

How do I integrate my current Sage 50 Cloud Partner company?

LetsOrder Mobile only integrates into Sage 50 Cloud Partner, Sage 200 Evolution and Sage 50 Cloud Xpress at the moment.

Once you have obtained your license, you will get access to our LetsConnect software which will be installed on your computer. After entering the username and password provided into LetsConnect and selecting the company of your choice, you’ll be able to connect in seconds through LetsOrder Mobile.

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