As the adoption of mobile technology increases, many companies are remaining forward-thinking by getting their sales force using a mobile application, like LetsOrder Mobile, to keep up with demands and the exceptionally fast pace of doing business.

If you are like most businesses out there, then you implemented the most essential and basic accounting software to get your business up and running. However, as your business grows and evolves, it will reach a point where you will need to upgrade your accounting software and business management systems.

Here are a few signs that your business has outgrown its accounting software:

You’re seeing an overload of paperwork

If your finance department is spending hours a week manually inputting data, this results in a constant backlog of invoice reconciliation. More than this, as your business grows, and you bring on board more clients you will be increasing the backlog of data as you wait for invoices and other financial documents to be issued to new clients. This also means that month-end becomes a larger task than necessary as there needs to be reconciliation between systems.

Paperwork can be the downfall of a growing business as it is time consuming and can lead to manual errors. Excessive amounts of paperwork lends itself to error and an unorganised work environment. These are both detrimental to the flow of your business processes, as well as your general productivity.

With an innovative mobile app, like LetsOrder Mobile, you are able to mitigate this paperwork process as sales reps don’t have to wait until they are back in the office to send over the paperwork to close a deal. They can access, sign, and process a deal, straight from a mobile device, with no delay.

You’re maintaining data separately

No matter your precision or attention to detail, manually entering data across systems will inevitably lead to errors. These errors are further compounded as you will have to take the time to identify and correct them.

Another issue with managing your data across systems is the splintered nature of your data. Without a unified and centralised system, you may create conflicting information across system. Again, this is time wasted and money lost to correcting these errors. With the fast pace of doing business, you want to make use of a single system that gives you access to real-time data in one location that can be updated as data is generated and also accessed by all who need it.

Your customer relationships are not up to scratch

As with all business, customer relationships are of the utmost importance. If your customers are unhappy or dissatisfied, they will go elsewhere to find products and services that function better.

Proving a great customer experience is more than merely keeping in touch with clients. As most industries shift towards digital, clients are also expecting to do business online. A mobile sales app tool will allow you to keep track of clients and their connections to your company and will help maintain customer relationships more easily. You will also be able to issue invoices, quotations and orders, on the spot meaning your sales reps save time and also ensures your clients are given an efficient service.

With the use of a mobile app like LetsOrder Mobile, you will gain access to real-time information on your clients which means your sales reps will never be misinformed as to their clients order or requirements. You get a clearer picture of what your clients are purchasing, and this means your sales reps can better anticipate what they require going forward.

You’re using guesswork for your budgeting and forecasting

When it comes to your budgeting and forecasting, business owners and managers should have a good sense of how the operation is running and what needs to be taken into account. However, it is always best to back instinct with solid data.

To get accurate sales projections, trend forecasting and budgets moving forward you want to trust the data you are working with. With a mobile app your business can start leveraging real-time, single-source data that you know will be accurate and up to date. This ensures you are able to make agile and forward-thinking business decisions knowing you are utilising accurate and reliable data.

The bottom line

Accounting software is an essential part of doing business but holding on to old and manual system will result in errors and waste time and money going forward. To keep up with the pace of doing business and to stay ahead of your competitors you need to migrate your system to a mobile, centralised system that will give you consistent, reliable visibility of your business so you can optimise and grow your business. Get in touch today to begin the process of mobilising and getting the best business solution to catapult your business forward.