Mobile apps are quickly becoming the new normal. They provide new capabilities and drive efficiency. It is all about organising your business better and streamlining your processes to achieve increased productivity. If you are seeking business agility and flexibility, then a mobile app is the way to go. At Letsap, we understand that every facet of your business needs a hands-on approach when it comes to management. We’ve put together a list of key benefits that a mobile app will provide your business.

Work remotely

Remote work is becoming increasingly popular in the digital age. Mobile apps empower remote workers and frees your business from geographic restrictions. Operating in the current digital climate means that your customers having digital expectations of you; they want engagements that are connected, personalised, omnipresent and fast. Mobile application solutions are they only way to achieve this relationship with your customers in a fast-paced business environment.

Mobile apps also work seamlessly to keep your team collaborating even if they are not all physically present in an office. This is perfect for sales reps on the go. Software, like LetsOrder Mobile, empowers sales reps to get real-time data on one centralised platform. You can quickly save documents and data into Sage Evolution or Sage Pastel Partner platforms. So, you can issue sales quotations and invoices on the go, review client history and even track the hours spent with clients.


There is flexibility built into mobile applications as they are accessible anytime, anywhere. If you have a customer on the road, LetsOrder Mobile, allows you to sign off your deal before leaving their office, no matter where it is. If your customers only have after-hours availability, you can still perform all your required sales processes without having to manually capture in the field and then recapturing data at a fixed office computer.

The lack of physical installation or capital expenditure provides an added layer of flexibility as your business can easily switch packages and subscription plans based on your current requirements.

No more being tied down or worrying about costly computer and data-storage issues. Instead you can focus your finite energy where it belongs – achieving your business goals and providing excellent customers service.

Reduce Costs

With a mobile app integrated into your business processes you will be able to capture all data in real-time. Mobile software also helps reduce costs associated with in-house IT systems like operational and energy bills.

Mobile apps are designed for ease of use, providing you with tools that reduce your bottom line. The subscription-based model means your business’s cash flow remains steady, unlike physical systems that require a major upfront investment.

The major cost-reducing benefit of an app is that as you simplify your tasks, you multiply your returns. User-friendly software means greater productivity from your staff and the anytime access means collaboration that streamlines your operation.

It’s Time To Work Differently

You will be able to organise your business better, make real-time updates, and customise your services and products with a touch of a button – anytime, anywhere. Small businesses can compete even with the largest competitors through effective software that is accessible and flexible.

A mobile app like LetsOrder Mobile you can effectively replace your document processing interface in Sage Evolution and Sage Pastel Partner. You can process your quotes, sales orders and invoicing directly into the Sage related database without having the full Sage software suite on your device, saving you time and improving your efficiency. The question shouldn’t be if you will adopt a mobile app, but when. Find out how to materialise and realise your goals and drive your business forward.