As the global economy migrates towards e-commerce and all things digital it is imperative that as a sales rep you stay ahead of the trend to gain the competitive edge. According to a recent survey 60% of sales reps are increasing the time they spend with customers and protentional customers in a virtual way in the last three years. The rise of virtual selling cannot be stopped as it is up to three times faster than traditional avenues of connecting in person.

Operating in this digital climate means that your customers having digital expectations of you namely, engagements that are connected, personalised, omni-present and fast. As a sales rep you understand the critical importance of customer relationship management and the only way to meet the new expectations of your customers and go beyond the traditional sales-customer-relationship is to utilise an innovative mobile sales app like LetsOrder Mobile. Here are a couple of the ways an app like this can optimise your sales.

Dashboard Design

The first step in optimising your sales is to get organised. To streamline your operation, you require a tool that allows you to do a variety of tasks in an automated way on a centralised platform. LetsOrder Mobile is one of these all-in-one tools. You will not have to wait until you are back in the office to send over the paperwork to close a deal. You can access, sign, and process a deal, straight from a mobile device, with no painful faxing necessary. The Check In and Check Out feature allows sales reps to log sales activity. The data entered on the app is automatically updated so you, and the other users on your team, have access to real-time data.

Beyond this you can access up-to-the-minute analytics, data and reports on sales performance in easy to digest and mobile optimised dashboards. LetsOrder Mobile also integrates seamlessly with Sage Partner and Sage Xpress platforms.

Through the use of one mobile app that does it all, you save yourself a lot of time by centralising and mobilising your sales data so you can focus your energy on making the sale. This will also save you money because you do not need to purchase multiple systems and software.

Customer Experience

As we have mentioned, your customers have new digital expectations. To meet these expectations, you need real-time visibility of your customer’s data. Through an app like LetsOrder Mobile you will be able to have a complete sales history at your fingertips so if you need you can brush up on the account details and recent activity on the ride over, straight from the convenience of your phone.

LetsOrder Mobile also allows you to capture any remarks on the document. This means you can capture any important information, like what products they like or dislike, to increase the rapport and relationship you have with your client. By consolidating all this information directly into the Pastel database via your company’s server, you can anticipate your clients’ needs and act accordingly.

Overall, your professional image will be boosted as you will be well-organised, in sync and ahead of the times. By incorporating technology into your sales process, you show your clients that you are innovative and pushing industry standards.

At Letsap, we believe in creating solutions and products that are reliable and innovative in order to increase your efficiency and overall productivity. Developing a robust solution that is intuitive and easy to operate is a key focus of our development team. Coupled with this is remote training and an efficient support process that ensures business operations run optimally and profitably. Get in touch today to find out how we can give you a mobile solution to optimise your sales.